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britney spears secrets

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Welcome to Britney Secret!
This community will work the exact same way as ljsecret and fellow music secrets communities hansonsecrets, mcrsecrets, etc. :)

All you have to do is make a graphic with your secret on it using any program you'd like. It doesn't have to be an amazing graphic, you can use Microsoft Paint if you have to. Then, upload it to a server [Suggested servers: http://www.tinypic.com & http://www.imageshack.us]. Submit the link to your secret in the latest submissions post anonymously. Your IP address will not be logged. :)

Please don't make your secrets any more than 700x500 or i'll have to resize them. Any secret is allowed, but there can be no direct attacks on a certain person. For instance, you can say "I think all Britney fans are incredibly rude." You can not say, "I think so-and-so is the worst fan ever."

That should pretty much wrap it up. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me, but only after you have read all of this page. :) Thanks.

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